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Redwoods Management provides back office support solutions to small businesses and business owners looking to be smart with their time and money.

The exciting thing is that these services are just the beginning – our team of experts offer invaluable Business Coaching Services, as well! If you have need of a unique solution or offering for your company, contact us to see how we can help.

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | CFO Services


Annual Reports

Audits and Reviews

Reporting and Analysis

Financial Statements

Cash Flow Management

Cost Remediation

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Accounting


CPA Services

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Booking Reports

Budget Creation and Analysis

Budget to Actuals

Accounting Migration

Quarterly Statements

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Business Coaching



Employee Benefit Management

HR Support Systems

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Bookkeeping



Data Entry

Check Cutting


Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Insurance


Insurance Requirements

Employee Health Insurance

Worker’s Compensation

G&L, E&O, D&O, EPLI, Cyber, Theft, Inland Marine, Event Cancellation

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Governance


State Filings

Local Filings

Federal Filings

We can help save you money and time with

Telecom | Data management, Credit card Processing, Waste, Identify theft


Risk Management

Standard Operating Procedure Creation

Systems Implementations | Software, Procedural Systems

Tax Filings | Tax Return Prep, 1099s

Redwoods Management | Nashville, TN | Benefits


In addition to administrative support, we offer business consulting services backed with years of experience in business management. From developing your first business plan to building your company culture and managing growth, we’ve done it all. And we want to help guide other Middle Tennessee small business owners through our tailored coaching services!


Engage with an expert business coach through one-on-one and group coaching sessions to improve your leadership and management skills and grow your business – no matter what level your are at today!


Culture and Leadership Development

Sit down with our leadership team to guide you through the process of creating a company culture, building your dream team, and sharpening your leadership skills. Gain the tools to ensure that your team is productive, cohesive and happy – ensuring that your vision for your company becomes a reality!


Business Plan Development 

Research and develop your business plan with the guidance of an expert consultant who will help you develop your concept into a smart business plan with actionable steps and goals.


Vision Presentation Development

Develop a clearly communicated vision for your business with help from our coaches. Turn your company’s mission and values into a visual presentation that you can share to engage stakeholders and staff in your company’s goals.


Strategic Initiative Development

Achieve your vision for your company’s future by mapping actionable projects and steps with the help of our business consultants. Let us help you overcome hurdles by developing solid plans to manage business systems and growth, engage your team, and achieve your goals.


DISC Assessment

Develop leadership strategies with our coaching team using the DiSC behavior assessment. Learn how to use this knowledge in your business structure – from effective team communication to making the big decisions that will guide your company forward.


Talent Strategy Alignment

Learn how to align your workforce with your business strategy. Work with our coaches to hire and promote the right people into the right jobs, engage employees in their work, and reduce staff turnover.

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