About Us

Redwoods Management was birthed out of one simple word: help.


Our mission is to guide and support other small business owners through our services. With over fifty years of combined business experience in all fields, our team knows how hard it is to grow a business from the ground up. We can help your company with everything from day-to-day administrative and back of office support to visualizing and achieving your business goals through coaching with an expert consultant. So there’s only one question:

How can we help you?

Meet Our Team


Pat Owings

Owner & CEO

Direct | 615.772.4086

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Robyn Bass

Owner & President

Direct | 615.992.5161

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Kayla Manci


Direct | 615.589.7353

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Katie Curtis

Senior Staff Accountant

Direct | 615.474.2030

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Tristan Gollott

Staff Accountant

Direct | 615.596.7244

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